What We Used To Do

Street Sleeper was a Cape Town based initiative that used innovation to tackle the social and environmental challenges facing the homeless community.We upcycled advertising billboards destined for landfill into survival sleeping bags, transforming the negative impact of waste into immediate relief for those living on the street while promoting social upliftment through dialogue and storytelling.

After 5 incredibly rewarding but also challenging winters, we made the difficult decision to close our doors. Thank you for all the support you have shown us, and in turn Cape Town’s homeless community, over the years. Ours has always been a grassroots organisation, kept afloat by the “little” guys rather than big corporate entities. It’s thanks to your continued generosity and genuine interest that we were able to keep our operation going.


Who You've Helped

Street Sleeper Testimonial 1


“I can’t see that well, but the bag feels good! It’s easy for people to steal from me so this will help me keep everything together and look after it better”.

Street Sleeper Testimonial 2

Cecil Mafeking

“I can’t wait for tonight, I can’t wait for it to come! I’m just so excited to try out my new bag. Yes man!!”

Street Sleeper Testimonial 3

Nasif Daniels

“I like my bag a lot, but people aren’t going to sleep with their head inside the top part. Here on the street you have to always be able to quickly see what is going on around you – it’s not safe otherwise”.

Street Sleeper Testimonial 4

Paulus Mpofu

“In my 70 years I have learnt that being angry never get’s you anywhere – that’s why I always try and have a smile on my face.”

Where You’ve Seen Us