Street Sleeper Team & Workshop

2016 Mandela Day Fiesta at the Service Dining Rooms

What an incredible treat Mandela Day was this year! MASSIVE thanks to Service Dining Rooms for hosting us, Kerry and Souper Troopers for orchestrating such a happy event, the volunteers who cooked, cleaned, served, decorated, assembled care packages and helped distribute Street Sleeper bags, Nathan’s beautiful voice, Geometry Global for your boundlesss creativity and generous bag donations, SA Mobile Shower Solutions for the awesome showers, Roeland Street Fire and Rescue who saved the day by providing clean water on incredibly short notice and last but certainly not least, the guests who arrived in their finest to celebrate Madiba in style. Tolerance, generosity of spirit and happiness filled the room. We think Tata would have been proud.

Mandela Day Dignity Portraits, 2016

To celebrate the strength and goodness we all possess, irrespective of circumstance and income, we set up a mini-studio at the Service Dining Rooms on Mandela day and shot portraits for guests who wanted their picture taken.

2016 Christmas Hamper Distribution

We made upcycled PVC shoppers from sleeping bag off cuts, filled them with all kinds of goodies kindly donated by the public and along with a Street Sleeper bag, handed them out to members of Cape Town’s homeless community the day before Christmas eve. Check out the little distribution video we made here.

Ongoing Sleeping Bag Distributions

We’re so happy to see more and more gifters collecting the bags they donate and managing their own distributions. Its the kind of change-making we love to see: awesome humans not just giving, but getting actively involved in their local community. Not everyone is able to manage their own distribution, in which case we happily give the bags away on their behalf. These are some of our favourite stories collected along the way.