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At Street Sleeper we are all about engagement. We feel that the most value can be found at the point where we drop our guard and begin interacting with each other. Besides gifting a sleeping bag, there are several other ways in which you can be involved with Street Sleeper. Take a look and leave your details below, we’ll keep you in the loop as to when the next exciting thing is happening.

Bag Distributions
Providing sustainable and durable temporary shelter to those who need it was the original driving force behind Sleep Sleeper. Over the years more and more gifters have come to collect the bags they donate and go on to manage their own distributions. We love this level of active engagement! Facilitating dialogue between gifters and receivers of bags serves to lower social barriers and elevates feelings of self worth amongst those who are so often treated like outsiders. If you’d like to engage more meaningfully with your community, sign up to our distribution volunteer list and we will notify you each time we run a Street Sleeper distribution. You don’t have to donate a bag to sign up! Simply join us on the day and experience for yourself the joy of giving to someone less fortunate, and sharing in their story and personal experience. We guarantee the exchange will leave you feeling awesome! 
We got together with Primi to hand out Street Sleepers and pizza to Cape Town's homeless.
Homeless Hikes
An important part of our mission is to lower social barriers and tackle the stigma around homelessness by facilitating dialogue and active engagement between the gifters and receivers of our survival sleeping bags. We’d like to take this a step further by bringing together volunteers and members of the homeless community for regular hikes. Many of the homeless who live in Cape Town have yet to enjoy the beauty and calm of our magical mountain trails, and with your help, we’d like to change that! Sign up to our Homeless Hikes volunteer list and we’ll notify you each time we’re planning a weekend mission. We hope you’ll get actively involved in brightening someone’s day through a fun activity and a good dose of nature.
Intern With Us 
Gain NGO experience, help improve the lives of homeless people, and explore Cape Town’s unseen side! Are you keen to get work experience in the fields of communications, research, and fundraising, while contributing to a great cause? We have an exciting Communications-Research internship opening, during which you’ll form a crucial part of our small team of passionate and innovative people, and assist in a variety of areas, including communications, social media, qualitative research, and fundraising. It’s an opportunity to learn, give back, and challenge yourself in the best possible way. If you are interested in interning with us, please liaise with our intern placement agency, Roots Interns and you can find a full break down of the role here. We hope to welcome you onto our team!


The Street Sleeper team.

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