Oli Brain from Street Sleeper

Oliver Brain

An engineer by training and an innovator at heart, Oliver is always looking for fresh way to tackle social and technical challenges.

Desiree Daniels From Street Sleeper

Desiree Daniels
Billboard Strategist

Dynamite comes in small packages, which is welcome energy since Des is responsible for transforming huge discarded billboards into ready-to- sew panels, a job she does with a whole lot of oomph!

Sah Isaacs from Street Sleeper

Sarah Isaacs
Story Teller

A photographer by trade, Sarah loves making imagery that celebrates humanity, telling stories that focus on the goodness we all share irrespective of circumstance.

Oled Borris from Street Sleeper

Oled Borris
Manufacturing Wizard

Hailing from Bujumbura, Burundi, Oled is the kind smile behind every bag stitched in our factory.

Our Partners

Street Sleeper has collaborated with these like-minded businesses to help make what we do possible.

Tractor Outdoor

Tractor Outdoor is a premiere outdoor advertising company that is focussed on lowering the impact of their business. They are the sole supplier of all of our billboard material and are integral to Street Sleeper’s operations – the best part is that they give it all for free.

The Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA)

The Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) is the representative body of the Southern African vinyl industry. They increasingly aim for the sustainable use of PVC through all stages of its life cycle and they see upcycling as a key component of their product stewardship program. With their donation of an industrial sewing machine, SAVA have enabled us to make our bags robust and very strong.