Manufacturing Wizard

Hailing from Bujumbura, Burundi, Oled was our first full-time seamster and has been with Street Sleeper for 2.5 years. His warm smile and unmistakable charm are imbedded into thousands of survival sleeping bags. We wouldn’t be where we are without him.


Bag Boss

After all the support we received in winter 2016, we were able to hire a second seamster at the start of 2017. Leon came from Harare, Zimbabwe in search of work and opportunity and we were delighted to introduce him to our team. His fierce work ethic and big heart brings a unifying energy to our workshop floor.


Cutting King

We were introduced to Moses through Loaves & Fishes, a supportive space for formerly homeless people to plan and begin their journey of renewal. We’re so happy to be part of Moses’s ongoing journey, as he takes on the role of billboard manager and pattern cutter. His gentle nature, warm smile, and unmistakable drive to create positive change in himself and his community is a daily inspiration.

Sah Isaacs from Street Sleeper

Story Teller

A photographer by trade, Sarah loves making imagery that celebrates humanity, telling stories that focus on the goodness we all share irrespective of circumstance.

Oli Brain from Street Sleeper


An engineer by training and an innovator at heart, Oliver is always looking for fresh way to tackle social and technical challenges.